We intend to

give top priority to experience. We will give you something which is truly beyond the ordinary and we believe that the way to get there is through attention to detail.

The food we offer is pure and simple but not boring, prepared with love and care while thinking about both the future and the past. The raw materials we are looking for must be the season's best, grown and nourished with care for both animals and nature, preferably in our immediate surroundings.

When choosing our wines and other drinks, we follow the same principles as we do during our search for raw materials. Our sommeliers will not give up until you and they are satisfied.

In a nutshell, the motto of our service is relaxed elegance. People feel comfortable with us, regardless of the event. And then we have a nice view too.


The name of our open-air cafe is NauticALTAN. The open-air cafe is located in a magnificent location close to Åland's Maritime Museum and has a view over the sea approach to Västerhamn and the traditional museum ship Pommern. 

With sun from early morning to late evening, Nautical's open-air café is one of the sunniest places in Mariehamn, when the weather gods are on our side. Here, in an exclusive setting, you can enjoy a well-prepared barbecue food, salads and a selection of Åland delicacies to eat and drink.

Johan, Peter and Adrian personally welcome you whole-heartedly.